Updated: May 21, 2020

The Corona or Covid-19 pandemic has everyone in a panic frenzy with the death toll rising and new positive cases around a thousand daily.

Social Media reflects how South Africans are not particularly fond of staying home for social distancing purposes. At Mighty Comms we love the idea of working from home and here’s why.

You get to binge-watch your favorite series online in your PJs, we will not judge you, we are all wearing Onezies. When last did we get the opportunity to play with our children and teach them ourselves, they outgrow being helped with homework? Now you have had to find alternatives ways to play indoors. It is like the ultimate adult hibernation where everyone understands. Social distancing has made ordering your favorite take-ways extra lovey with a speedy delivery while you stay home. You can google recipes and bring out the chef in you. Online shopping has always been better, everything can be done at a click of a button.

Although “hugs and kisses are a thing of the past”, our families get to show love in a different way. From the Mighty Comms team, please enjoy staying home as we connect you to a Fibre line so that data costs are not a worry. #StayHome

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