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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The New Norm for Businesses in Protea Glen

When the #FibreEkasiLami project began in Protea Glen, the aim was not only to bring broadband connectivity to residents but to offer local businesses a competitive edge.log.

He needed internet connectivity for the business, another reason why people choose to wash their cars at his business specifically. While your car gets a buff and shine, inside out one can watch videos online and relax. Selling food also makes clients come back for more than just a car wash, the Car wash is an experience. Beefing up security the owner also has video-surveillance 24/7 that is dependent on Internet connectivity.

One of the benefits of getting a Fibre line as opposed to LTE is the ability to connect multiple devices that run simultaneously without connectivity issues. We will keep on lighting up the residents of Protea Glen #FibreEkasiLami

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