Frequently Asked Questions.

Helpful information to consume before and after receiving Mighty Comms' Internet service.

More directed to FTTH buyers.

Questions with answers.

1. Is this a Month-to-Month Contract?

-We have 2 options.

1. Month-to-Month option, with Router and installation at R1400 outright purchase.

2. 12 months contract with free Router and installation

2. When will I be connected?

-It depends on the area

• Pre-order can take 2 months

• Live area can take up-to 2 weeks

3. When do I start paying?

-It’s a prepaid service.

• Payment should be made within 7 days of connection.

• Then you’ll get the invoice on the 25th for the next month. It should be paid

  within 7 days of receipt

4. How do I pay?

-We have the following options

1. Pay fast on client portal. Username ad password will be sent to you via welcome email

2. Debit order

3. EFT, banking details and reference number will be on the invoice

5. My services are down?

-Check the following

1. Have I settled all outstanding invoices on time?

2. Is there loadshedding in my area

3. Is my router plugged in correctly (reboot)

6. I haven’t used my connectivity this month, do I have to pay?

• YES, this is not a Pay-As-You-Use, service

• We can’t switch it off, you will be blocked if you don’t pay.

7. What happens if I don’t/can’t pay?

-We have the following options

1. If you don’t pay within 7 days of the invoice, you’ll get a reminder

2. Post 7 days your services will be BLOCKED

3. If payment is still not received, your services will be TERMINATED on day 15, and you’ll be liable for cancelation fees of 1 month plus R1400 router and installation fees.

4. OPTION 2: call/contact us via portal and make a payment arrangement.

8. How do I terminate/ cancel my contract?

-On Month-to-Month

• You send 30 working day intention to cancel.


• You wait the 12 months out or pay the remainder of contract out.

9. Does Fair User Policy apply?

• YES, as per contract to ensure all subscribers are protected and can enjoy fair connectivity.

10. Does Fibre replace my DSTV payment?

• No, you still need the DSTV subscription but with Fibre you can stream shows by getting Netflix, Showmax and other OTT services on subscription to those services.

11. Can my neighbors connect using my Fibre?

• No, the router has a security password that only you know, unless you share it with them.

12. What if I am renting and would like to sign up?

• You’ll need to inform and get permission from your land-lord for the installation, in writing. This is also required for Proof of address.

13. I have multi tenants and need to connect them?

• You’ll need a bigger package 100/100 and access points.

14. Is this a Month-to-Month Contract?

• YES, this is not a Pay-As-You-Use, service

• We can’t switch it off, you will be blocked if you don’t pay.


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